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Some Questions you might have about our personalised greeting cards

Where can I buy these quality personalised greeting cards?
Our premium handmade greeting cards are sold exclusively through a national network of retailers. Please see the Stockists page where you can find the stockist closest to you on our map.

As a retailer, can I become a stockist of NameCards4u Personalised Greeting Cards?
Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch with NameCards4u and a member of our team will contact you to discuss.

So how do I create a personalised greeting card?
We have a range of almost 100 different designs to offer, all specially adapted for personalisation and each greeting card can be made unique  to you by composing your own message/caption to print on the front of the greeting card

How long does it take?
After you select your greeting card in the shop, you can tell your caption to the shop assistant who will print it on your greeting card instantly – it takes less than a minute

What can the greeting card message include?
Really it is up to you. It can be fun, funky, loving, simple or whatever you want it to be. You can write the message in any language; you can spell any name; you can add the date if you like; you can make it “from” your home town; the possibilities are endless

How many captions can I use on a NameCard4U greeting card?
You get 2 captions on a “A” size card, and 1 on a “B” or “C“ card

Have you got different size personalised greeting cards?
Yes we have. Our greeting card sizes and prices are as follows:
A) €6.99 Large (2 captions)
B) €4.99 Medium (1 caption)
C) €2.99 Regular (1 caption)

The price includes the personalisation for free – no extra charge

Do you have a greeting card for every occasion?
Absolutely. Some of our cards are specifically for birthdays or communion/confirmation or weddings/christenings. We also have a wide range of “open” personalised greeting card designs where you can use the caption to personalise the greeting card for your occasion e.g. St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, etc, etc

Not Just for Birthdays  but Personalised Greeting Cards for Every Occasion