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FATHERS DAY: -Fathers Day 16th June 2019

Some say Fathers day is 364 days a year. Some say Dads deserve just one special day a year.

Namecards4u allow you personalise your Dads day greeting card in local shops  throughout Ireland.

Fathers day cards can come from a vast range of sources, wives, partners, sons, daughters, grandchildren, sons in law, daughters in law, great grandchildren, etc, etc

We are not telling you what to say but here are some good wordings we have come across

  • The Best Dad

  • No 1 dad

  • Best dad in (name of town)

  • Mums best husband.

  • Grumpy Auld Git
  • Despite what mum says, your OK Dad.!

  • Happy Fathers day – forever your Financial Burden

  • You’re the best decision mum ever made.

  • Mum, your the best Dad I ever had.

  • Sometimes the best Dads are called Mum

  • Mum makes good decisions, she picked you.

  • Hey Bank of Dad, your the best.

  • Happy Fathers day Grand Father

  • Winner of Parenting Ireland 2019

  • Without me, you wouldn’t be a Father

  • Thank you for being the father of my children.

Dads come in lots of formats and not all greeting cards can cover the full  range, but NameCards4u cards do and they are available at local shops  throughout Ireland. Titles like: -Dad, Auld Fella, Grandad, Stepdad, Father in Law, New dad, Great Grandad, Mums Ex, Papa, Da, etc, etc, and if we have missed whatever you call your dad, you can have it personalised on one of our greeting cards at a shop near you. VIEW OUTLETS HERE 

Check out the Namecards4u card range at a local outlet near your and make this Fathers day extra Special with a personalised Fathers day card from you.!