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Installation and Setup

To get your installation working in the most efficient way possible and to ensure minimum disruption we ask that youensure you have a space provided for the laptop and printer and handheld scanner – that is easy to access for staff and which can connect both printer and laptop to a powerpoint.

Ensure the laptop is located within your wifi zone or has access to an ethernet connection point.

Once you provide the above, our installers will setup the laptop and printer and demonstrate to you and your staff, how easy it is to use.

The internet connection allows us to support you in many ways – including for out techies to connect online to fix issues, even while the customer is present, thus giving you very quick support for any issues that may arise. The internet connection also allows us keep track of your stock and consummables – so we can contact you when we see you need new stock or consummables. We also keep a history of what cards are good sellers and those that sell less, so that over time we will ensure that we grow the stock of cards you customers like and avoid having cards on display that are not appreciated by your customers.

Connection- There is a lead from the laptop to the printer, a lead form the printer to the handscanner and power cables from the laptop and printer to powerpoints. It is important that the laptop and printer remain in a single place so that connections do not come out as a result of moving the setup from a storage area to a counter top.

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