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Smart Daily Routine

In order for you NameCards4u laptop and printer deliver the best service for your and your customers….

  1. To keep your transaction time to a minimum – Turn on the namecards4u laptop first thing each day and turn it off last thing in the day – just like turning on and off the lights! All you have to do is press the on button on the laptop and walk away. It will boot up of its own accord and take you to the printing screen. When a customer brings a card to you for printing – you just scan the barcode, type the text required and click print – litterally 20 seconds and then your label(s) print out on the printer. Stick the printed foil label(s) on the appropriate location on the chosen card.
  2. Ensure your laptop is connected to the internet – we do this as part of the setup when installing at your premises. If you are unsure if you are connected then click on teh
  3. Ideally

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